Data Management Plan Support


Developing a Data Management Plan (DMP) for how you will handle your data during your research and after can be a challenge. SEAD can help you find a solution that can handle large, heterogeneous data, while allowing you to decide what to publish and when. If you're preparing a sustainability-related funding proposal that requires a DMP, include SEAD as the supporting mechanism for enabling data management, sharing, and archiving. SEAD can assist you in building a data management plan that will increase your research efficiency, promote the visibility of your research, and help you meet your institutional and grant requirements.

SEAD provides a combination of secure Project Spaces, where you and your team can upload, share, and annotate your project’s data over time, and a formal publication process where datasets from your Project Space are curated, packaged, given a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), sent to one of a growing number of SEAD partner repositories, and registered with the DataONE catalog. Using SEAD, you won’t have to rush at the end of your project to upload and document data before those with the expertise disappear. You may also find that SEAD’s capabilities for providing online data previews, extracting metadata from within files, and allowing you to annotate, comment on, and capture the provenance of data will help your team work more efficiently. For more information about SEAD’s data management capabilities see SEAD Data Management Standards and Practices.

Contact SEAD if you have questions about including SEAD in your DMP. We will also be happy to provide you with the specific details you should include with your proposal.